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As educators we bear the responsibility of teaching and providing our students with opportunities to develop a foundation of knowledge and experiences that will shape their future. As such, progression is key; progressive pedagogies are vital in the evolution of education. 


  • Art & Culture
  • Advanced training in a technique
  • Anti-oppression and allyship training
  • Portfolio development
  • Leadership skills
  • Audition preparation
  • Advanced training in a technology / art form

and more


  • Critical Thinking, Reasoning & Conceptual Analysis.

  • Social Construction & Intersectionality Theories.

  • Action Planning & Awarness.

This program designed to critically examine race and racism, including their conceptualizations and impacts on society. This program is founded on the principle that race, gender, class and sexuality are socially constructed. We apply this constructionist perspective to  examine and understand race relations within the school and society.

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Our Program Process

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We take pride in our work, our relationships & our Reputation.

"When reminiscing with a colleague about the impact that Just BGRAPHIC has had on the Arts Department and our students, it was very clear to us that they have been an essential partnership in our growth..."
Ana Medieros
Art Dep. Head - Westview CSS

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