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anti-Black Racism Program

Black Thought Overview.

This program designed to critically examine race and racism, including their conceptualizations and impacts on society. This program is founded on the principle that race, gender, class and sexuality are socially constructed. We apply this constructionist perspective to  examine and understand race relations within the school and society.

Social Construction & Intersectionality theories.

Social construction theory argues that gender identities, differences and inequalities are socially constructed . We explore how systems of oppression (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, islamophobia, etc.) are interconnected.

Action Planning & Awarness.

Community Development Strategic planning and organizing to effectively contribute to a healthy school community.

Critical thinking, Reasoning & Conceptual Analysis.

Explore fallacies, how they work, how to identify when they are committed and why. analysis to uncover the various meanings and implications of words​

Program Modules

Myth of Meritocracy

From: $525.00

Progressive Education

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Parent Engagement

Presentation of year end project(s). Student led conference for students, parents and school leaders. The concept of the event will be developed over the course of the program in partnership with the various student groups.

Teacher Workshops

We offer 3 teacher workshops that aim to challenge our understanding of meritocracy, multiculturalism and leadership development. Our primary objective is to provide teachers with tools that will aid in irradiating racism.

Community Activism

Fighting racism will take all of us. Schools are an essential component to developing healthy communities. This program seeks to build relations with community leaders and the schools to collectively fight against racisim.

let's start The Conversation

This program is an essential component to a progressive education plan. Lets talk about how we can work together to eradicate racism, and racist pedagogies in education.